T is for Ten things

nonickname96 Gave me a task, and I shall perform it come hell or high water!

Plus, it's fun.

Ten things I love that begin with T....

1:  Tents - I love camping.  That smell (sometimes slightly mildewy) of a tent as it is first piched.  Good times.

2:  Trails - Trail running has become one of my passions.  I get excited when I know I'm about to hit one.

3:  Trailers - The best of a movie.  Even horrible movies have great trailers.  I never miss them before a film if at all possible.  My good friend in college used to make "Trailer Fest" of all the best trailers that year.

4:  Tricks - Magic is now an intrinsic part of my life.  If you hang out with me for more than ten minutes, you're likely to see a coin vanish.

5:  Tales - I love spoken stories.  Know any good ones?

6:  Tetris - Because I spent more time with it than I did dating.  That's not a statement, that's a CONFESSION.

7:  Time-warps  - I love any and all science fiction.   Only surpassed by...

8:  Trolls, Trogoldytes and Treants - ... the Fantasy genre...

9:  Talking - We maybe be using a keyboard, but that's what we're doing.  Communicating with other human beings makes my day.

10:  Tennifer - my beautiful wife.  What?  That doesn't count?  Well then...

11:   Technology - I love my itouch and my Wii.  Never let us part...

What's in a voice?

All of our animals have voices. Is this common in your household? I know not. My favorite is Peepster the firebelly toad, who sounds like a chubby guy in a suit wearing a derby and puffing on a cheap cigar. He is most often heard saying in his gravely, Northeast accent -

"Hey Laaaaaadies! Any ladies out there? I'm just a rock, unless you're a laaaaaaady!"

Yeah, we're kind of weird.

How about you, do any of your animals speak in a unique voice?

Living the Bachelor Loco

I cook.

Really, I do. Sometimes I even cook well. But when it's just me in Casa de Corley I found a frozen dinner that time forgot (but still fell barley in the "good" date on the box) and decided to go the lazy way today.

Erk. Not good. I'm hoping it won't kill me. If I escape various stomach poisonings I shall call myself fortunate.

I need to get someone to cook for again soon!


My wife loves to fill out forms.

I'm serious. You know those triplicate forms you see and your eyes melt and your heart dies just a little? She gets all excited.

So I shall leave the Census untouched until her return. Eviljen will fill it out in the Hizzouz.

Okay, this is just an excuse to talk about Jennifer because I miss her.

So sue me.

Pics and such

All right. I've done it. I'm sorry to those of hurt, but I've decided to change my default picture.

There have been two occasions where people thought the old one was Lou Ferringo (because of the yelling expression, not bulging muscles) but no, it was just me about 15 years ago.

The new one, which will probably change swiftly, is from a magic show a few months ago, and actually looks more like the current me.

Heya, nice to meetcha.

Buh-buh-buh... Birthday!

It is my birthday today.

My dogs ate my cake.

Which is horrifying and really, really funny.

I just wanted the ice cream, anyway.

I got a Wii game and an audio book about zombies. I am well pleased.


What Books Changed Your Life?

My friend Ryan started this, and by God, I'm gonna finish it!

In the fourth grade something "clicked" in my head.  I haven't the slightest idea what.  I read two novelletes:  One about a fictional author of "Dear Abby" and the other about a girl who turns into a mermaid.

I read them back to back and I've been reading novels ever since.

I loved reading before then.  My father had all his collection of MAD magazine (most all of them since '58) as well as collecitons of Peanuts, The Wizard of ID and Tumbleweed.

When going on nights out and leaving us with the baby sitter, my parents would pick up a "grab bag" of comics for us three children to read.  You can thank them (I'm guessing my father had a lot to do with the comics) for bringing me directly in the sights of X-Men, as Wolverine battled the Brood in the first comic I laid eyes on.

In Sixth grade the ante upped.  I had three close friends in Austin - Justin, Adam and Micah and Adam showed me "The Hobbit".  Seventh grade brought "Lord of the Rings".  I'm still trying to find better and still failing.

Everything since then has been a blur of good and bad.  I've transitioned primarly to audiobooks now, but I still do enjoy the paper read.  Most notably the wonderful "World War Z - An oral history of the zombie war" by Max Brooks.  Read this.  Read it now.  You will thank me big big later.